Money can't buy happiness, but with us, money can be a tool to achieve it.

The art of making money is in learning how to manage and keep it.

And in that, we can help you.

El Dinero Puede Ser Una Herramienta Para La Felicidad

This is who we are

We are professionals in the financial sector who help you see finances from a different perspective.

We offer personalized and transparent attention, focusing on your goals.

With TwoBuddies™, you will have the support of financial advisors who will guide you at all times so that you have control over your money.

Asi Somos Tb

Finances can be overwhelming.
We are here to help you.


Make sure you are managing your finances well.

Take control

Instead of dealing with banks and complicated processes, you can talk to us; you have control over your money.

We support you online

Our financial advisors are here to help you. We have real people who guide you in real moments.

Finanzas Abrumadoras Estamos Aqui Para Ayudar

Punctual advice

If you prefer, we hold specific sessions to resolve doubts, digitally and easily for you. 😉

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We talk about finances, simply, and transparently

We plan with your financial freedom in mind

We advise
focusing on your goals.

“TwoBuddies   took away all the worry and uncertainty about managing my business and financial life and provided me with easy tools to improve and evolve my money."

TwoBuddies   client

Clara Serra Testimonial


Why TwoBuddies™?

Because we are different.

Because we are transparent.

Because we won't tell you what is not.

What is a financial advisor?

The financial advisor is regulated by the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission) and recommends different financial assets based on your investment profile.

What is specific advice?

What we offer?

We offer timely and personalized advice designed to resolve your doubts and facilitate decision-making about your investments. Our sessions are short, specific and fit your schedule, so you can get the guidance you need without compromising your time.

How long is the service?

We will study your case and mark the entire process.

It can be punctual or continuous, depending on your needs.

Is it face-to-face or online?

Whatever you decide.

What is the cost of this service?

A pack of hours to be specified can be arranged, or we build a budget according to your needs.

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